For lovers of spicy dishes, can cook a great salad. While its cooking you will spend only 10 minutes, because you don’t have to pre-boil or fry. Which greatly facilitates the work, if you need to quickly feed their family or close friends. And part of it garlic, will make your salad also very useful, especially in the cold season when the body needs protection. So, the recipe of spicy bean salad.

Ingredients for making spicy bean salad

  • Red beans in its own juice 1 jar
  • Ham 250 grams
  • Garlic 2-3 cloves
  • Onion 1 piece
  • Mayonnaise refills
  • Salt to taste
  • Inventory:

    The knife
    Cutting Board,

    Cooking spicy salad with beans:

    Step 1: prepare the vegetables.

    First onions cleaned from the husk and wash under cold running water. Then place on a cutting Board and using a knife, cut it into small pieces of arbitrary shape. To eyes less watery, the knife should be periodically rinsed under cold running water.

    After the powdered component is put in a deep plate. Next, the garlic cloves are cleaned from the husk, wash under running water and on a cutting Board finely chop the component the smaller, the better. Then remove it to the onions.

    Step 2: prepare the ham.

    The meat component should be laid on a clean cutting Board and shred with a knife into pieces of arbitrary shape. Or small cube size to 1 inch, or straw, the taste is not much impact. Once you have decided on the form and shredded the ham and put it in a bowl.

    Step 3: refill the salad.

    Now open a jar of canned red beans, pour out the juice carefully, as it we do not need, and pour the beans into a bowl for chopped vegetables and ham. Next, add salt to taste and stir a tablespoon until smooth.

    step 4: serve a spicy bean salad.

    Before serving the salad on the table, his seasoned mayonnaise and mix again. Then shift into a beautiful salad bowl or just laid in portions on plates. Cut slices of bread and served to the table. Decorate the dish with finely chopped parsley or dill. Spicy bean salad is ready!
    Bon appetit!

    Tips for recipe:

    – – Instead of mayonnaise salad can fill a soft salty cheese cheese, cut into small cubes the size of 1 inch. When this salt adjust to taste or not add.

    – To soften the spicy taste of garlic in the salad, you can add tomato or bell pepper.

    – – Instead of ham you can use the cooked sausages and boiled sausages.

    – – This salad is a perfect complement for crackers, as purchased, and independently prepared in the oven.

    – – Onions can be replaced by red, it is less bitter and much more flavorful.

    – To relieve the inventory from the smell of garlic, it can be lubricated with lemon pulp. Then rinse under running water.

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