What is New year without a Christmas tree, a beauty, which brings so much joy to both adults and children! Wonderful birthday Breakfast on 1 January.

Description of preparation:

Delicious, and most importantly, a beautifully decorated dish, served at Breakfast will raise your mood. I will tell you how to make Christmas snack “Tree” quickly and without hassle.


  • chicken egg — 1 Piece
  • milk — 1 tbsp. spoon
  • starch — 1 teaspoon
  • salt — 1 Pinch
  • dill — Part 1 (sprig)
  • cheese — 1 Slice
  • ham — 1 Slice
  • lettuce — 2 Pieces
  • processed cheese — 2 teaspoons
  • sticks — 2 Pieces

Number of servings: 2

How to prepare “new year snack “Tree””

Prepare the ingredients.

Crack the egg into a bowl, pour milk, add starch and stir until smooth.

Wash and chop the dill, make all.

Fry the pancake on both sides. Frying pan 24 cm

Pancake cut in half for two Christmas trees.

Brush melted cheese.

Put on top of a salad leaf and stick.

Place the cut triangle of cheese and ham.

Wrap the ends to form a Christmas tree.

Decorate Christmas trees with olives, sweet pepper, tomato. Help yourself!

Tip from the chef:

Instead of ham can take a piece of salted fish.

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