What is New year without sweets? Offer to cook a meringue in the shape of little pigs, do you like this idea?

Description of preparation:

I want to share with you the idea how to make meringue “Funny pigs” for the new year table. Make meringue or meringue on a favorite recipe that you get. But put the meringue in the form of pigs, pre-coloring the meringue pink. I have the dye dry, I diluted 2-3 drops of water, not more. You can use the gel dyes. Dry the meringue without changing temperature, I have, unfortunately, today the light was turned off, the oven has lost the temperature and the meringue turned out not so beautiful, as usual… good Luck to you!


  • Egg white — 1 Piece
  • Powdered sugar — 60 Gram
  • Lemon juice — 0,3 teaspoons
  • Red food coloring — 3-4 Drops

Servings: 10

How to make “Meringue “Funny pigs””

Prepare the foods. Squirrels don’t need to pre cool or warm the meringue is whipped well with any protein. In some recipes, make a meringue with sugar, I think that it is better all the same powder, then in the finished meringue will fall a grain of sugar.

Separate the yolks from the whites. Usually powdered sugar is used in weight more than double the protein (2:1). That is, if one raw protein from the average chicken egg weighs 25-30 grams, sugar should be exactly 2 times more than 50-60 grams. In proteins pour the lemon juice and place half of the powdered sugar. Start with a mixer to whip the weight from the minimum speed, gradually adding, moving at maximum mode.

When the mass has become white and shiny (the whisking for 4-5 minutes), begin to harden, place the second half of the powdered sugar and beat for another 10 minutes.

The finished meringue is shiny, thick, dense, clump-free, holds its shape. Add 1-2 drops of food coloring, stir well. Take about a fifth of the meringue and add a little more dye to two colors were a bit different.

Put meringue in pastry bags or envelopes. Cut off a large corner of the bag with pink meringue, with dark pink – small.

To dry the meringue on the silicone Mat or parchment. First, make a round pink face. Meringue dense, to get a more or less round shape, after I push them with a toothpick leveled, made a circular motion so they are a bit blurred.

Darker colors make ears, noses, eyes. Send the meringue in the oven for an hour, the temperature is 90-100 degrees.

Ready-made meringues, decorate with chocolate ready!

Tip from the chef:

The classic version of cooking meringue provides a dry crust and the same toppings, which should also be completely dry and crispy. This will ideally dry the deposited meringue at 90-100 degrees for about 1-1. 5 hours.

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