Invert syrup is produced by heating the aqueous sugar solution with acid, when this occurs, the inversion process consists in the splitting of sucrose to fructose and glucose.

Description of preparation:

To invert is used, the acid (in this case lemon). Invert syrup has antiretaliation and water-binding properties, which increases the shelf life of products without loss of quality. Creams, sugar Fudge and other products made with invert syrup, not zasaharivanija during storage. Invert syrup can be used instead of corn syrup, confectioner’s glucose, maple syrup, molasses. See the recipe, I will tell you how to prepare invert syrup.


  • Sugar — 250 Grams
  • Water — 130 Ml
  • Citric acid — 1 Gram

Servings: 1

How to prepare “Invert syrup”

1. For the syrup you will need sugar, water and citric acid.

2. Put sugar in a saucepan and pour hot water, bring to a boil, stir in citric acid, dissolve it. The syrup simmer for about 20 minutes, but boil the liquid should just slowly sometimes blow bubbles. Bring the syrup up to 109-110 degrees.

3. The finished syrup, the consistency should be runny, like honey. Color from light Golden to amber. After cooling the syrup becomes much thicker, so be careful, do not overcook!

4. Syrup pour into jars, tighten lids and store in refrigerator up to 3 months.

5. Ready!

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