At all times the best treat in the world was considered candy. For this reason candy of so many varieties. Some of the most delicious chocolates are chocolates with peanuts. These nuts are very useful for our body. Buy peanut at any supermarket. It is about how to prepare these sweets with peanuts at home we will tell You.


• Boiled condensed milk – 200 grams;
• Dark chocolate – 50 grams;
• Chocolate milk – 150 grams;
• Peanuts – 70 grams;
• Butter – 30 grams.

The recipe for making candy with peanuts at home.

1. First, when cooking candies with peanuts we’ll take the pot. In her place the milk, butter and two kinds of chocolate.

2. In this state, you need to put the saucepan on a steam bath. The bottom of the pan must be over boiling water. It should not touch the water.

3. Stirring constantly, allow the resulting mixture to melt. Achieve uniformity. Importantly, when the chocolate will melt, interfere with active. If this is not done, the chocolate may overheat and crystallize. The result is a very smooth, shiny, but somewhat thick mixture.

4. In the received mix add fried peanuts and mix thoroughly.

5. Then take the form and cover her food with paper.

6. Next, spread the mixture and gently level it.

7. In this form, send the form in the refrigerator. As a result, the mixture to fully harden. The resulting block should be soft and resemble soft toffee.

8. This block is cut into squares.

So, candy with peanuts at home ready. Put them on the table, regale themselves and entertained their guests. We very much hope that such a delicious sweet dish You like very much and You will cook it many more times. If this recipe seemed interesting to You, mark it positive review on our culinary portal!

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