When just the fish soup is no longer violent appetite, I boil soup with pickles! Yes, this is a very tasty, hearty and flavorful! See the recipe, I’ll tell you how to cook fish soup with cucumbers!

Description of preparation:

I often have fish on the table, and this time my husband bought a large carp. I took fish fillet and made a delicious casserole, not even one. But were very meat chunks: a ridge, fin, fin part of the tummy, head. How not to cook soup? I suggest to try my version of fish soup with pickles, very tasty and interesting happened!


  • Fish products — 1-1,5 kg of weight (head, fins, tail, backbone)
  • Onion — 1 Piece
  • Carrots — 1 Piece
  • Pickles — 3-4 Pieces
  • Potatoes — 3-4 Pieces
  • Rice — 50 Grams
  • Bay leaf — 1-2 Pieces
  • Bell pepper — 4-5 Pieces
  • Greens — to taste (dill, parsley, green onions)
  • Salt — to taste

Servings: 8

How to cook “Fish soup with salted cucumbers”

1. The first thing you need to cook a fish broth for soup. Prepared for this fish that you have is the head, the ridge rib portion and a stomach with fins, must be washed thoroughly, to remove any loose scales. From the head make sure to remove the gills, wash well inside and outside. Peel the onion and carrots.

2. In a pan put fish, onion (cut into 2-4 pieces), carrots (cut into 6-8 pieces), Bay leaf, peppercorns, cover with cold water. Cook at a low boil (after boiling) for 30 minutes.

4. Peel the potatoes, cut into pieces, wash until clean water Fig. Ready strain the broth, place the fish on a dish to cool, and return the broth to the pan, bring to the boil, put the potatoes and rice and cook 15 minutes, salt to taste. The carrots that were in the broth is also useful, cut her dice and return to broth.

5. Pickles cut into strips, cubes or grate. Put in the soup. Cook for another 5 minutes.

6. At this point, the fish has cooled, move it from the bones, pieces of fish meat, return to soup, discard bone.

7. Ready soup fill with greens, I put onions, parsley and dill. Remove from heat.

8. So that was a tasty and nourishing fish soup with pickles!

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