All talk so much about the benefits of green tea, but we choose to drink it primarily for the rich tart taste. To green tea turned out delicious, it is necessary to learn how to brew.

Description of preparation:

Like nothing is easier to brew tea, but in order to properly reveal the taste of tea, there are certain rules. So, before you the recipe for how to cook “Choi kabud”, green tea Tajik. Enjoy your tea!


  • Green tea — 2 teaspoons
  • Hot water — 1 Litre

Servings: 4-5

How to cook “Choi kabud”

Put to boil water. For brewing green tea use boiling water “white key”. When there is a lot of small bubbles that cause a slight haze at first, then whitening of the water.

Porcelain teapot, rinse with boiling water, pour the green tea, pour boiling water.

Cover with a linen napkin, but not okutyvaya. Allow to brew 5 minutes.

Add sugar to taste. Drink green tea from porcelain cups. Enjoy your tea!

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